Tuesday, September 27, 2005

oh my, it's been a while since i've posted. not much has been going on. i wake up everyday at about 6:30-7, drop mom off at work (i'm driving the honda because my car is in the shop. the clutch went out. they can't find the right part for it. it'll be a while...) go to school, go to work, come home, go to sleep, and then do it all over again the next day. occasionally i'll go stay with a friend or have a few over on weekends or something like that. that's always a good time, but nothing too exciting has happened in the last month. as boring as my life may sound...i'm quite happy! i greatly enjoy school! ...love seeing all my friends every day. :)

some things..
-audri and ava moved to virgina on thursday :( i miss them already.
-got a pedicure a couple weeks ago. now i have pretty toes.
-opened up a checking account.
-everywhere i go, i can smell chicken.
-payday's tomorrow :)
-i miss my car.
-i think it's time for a trip to the mountains.

meh. that's all for now.

someone come visit me!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

so i went into to chicken-e at 4:00 today and stayed until 8-ish. it was alright i guess. i was supposed to stay until 10 but there was nothing else for me to do so they let me go early :). ...confusing at first, but i caught on. i still have to memorize the menu, but i dont' think it'll be too hard. all the other people that work there seem pretty cool, so i'm sure i'll enjoy workin there. *thumbs up*

oh and school was real gay today. i slept in every class. ...toooo bored. *frustration*

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

i got a job at chicken express!!! woo hoo! that means i get free sweet tea whenever i want, but you have to pay 75 cents. BAHA. i start tomorrow at 4. i'm a bit nervous....but pretty excited. i'll post again tomorrow to let yall know how things went :)

Sunday, August 21, 2005

everyone should probably go buy the gorillaz cd, Demon Dayz, if you dont' already have it. i'm rockin' out right now and i'm absolutely loving every minute of it...

*two thumbs up*

so i was at my friend's house right down the street from my house. mom calls me and says "Where's your camera? Quick quick!!" i reply, "It's in my room but there are no batteries." then she tells me that a boat just exploded in front (water front) of our house! oh my. so me and my buddy, coy, come right over to check things out. it seems that a boat had exploded right beside our dock. it was our neighbors boat. apparently, there was a man in it with two of his small children, a girl and a boy. something had exploded (not sure what) and he knew that it wasn't the gas tank because the explosion was at the opposite end of where the tank was. joe thinks that one of the kids got blown off, the other one just kind of tumbled off, and the man got hit by something and he fell in. so the dad figured the gas tank would blow up at any moment so he started screaming at his kids to swim away. they all made it back to their dock safely, so that's good. i think dad (my dad) said that they (whoever 'they' might be) think everyone was ok but they weren't quite sure about the boy because he was so freaked out, they weren't able to tell if anything was wrong or not.:( the poor dear. well anyway...the boat started drifting out to the middle of the cove, which is a good thing i suppose. when it started getting too close to the other side, the police boat went out, threw an anchor on it, and dragged it back over to our side so the fire men could put out the massive fire. woopwoop. it looked something like the picute above. (you don't need to tell me that i have mad drawing skills.....because i already know that i do.) my camera didnt' have batteries so i couldnt' get a real picture. sorry.

that was our excitement for the day!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

today was my first day of school. before i went, i stopped at skye's house to meet up with everyone so we could chill together as our last precious moments of summer slipped away.*tear* school was real boring. 1st period i have u.s. history and i'm sure this class will be super easy, so that one's ok i guess. 2nd, i have technical theatre which should be fun, but the teachers kinda weird. i'll show him what's up tho *shakes fist*. 3rd is an art class (painting and drawing). definately dropping this one. i usually like painting and drawing but for some reason it just doesn't sound as fun as it used to. 4th is photography and i'm super excited about this one. :) :). and 5th is chemistry which i'm sure this one will be easy as well. i only HAVE to have 4 classes but for some reason i have 5 during the first trimester. that's no good so, i've decided art will be the one to go. the only reason i was bored today was because it was the first day and the only thing we did was go over the same 57,583,992 rules in every class. but, i'll get everything fixed on the schedule and i'm sure this will be a fun tri.

well anyway...AFTER school i went out to my car and sat in it for about thirty minutes while trying to get out of the ridiculously crowded parking lot. no bueno. but after that i went to walmart, then home, then sonic, and now i'm home again.

today was a weird day...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

we just got home about an hour ago from the big CO. it's been a long day and i'm ready for sleep. school starts tomorrow. i'm pretty nervous...

Thursday, August 11, 2005


tomorrow morning brenda, audri, ava, and myself are flying out of dallas to go to colorado. bad news in fort collins. :( anyway, we'll be back tuesday evening. then wednesday, school starts (ew). while we're gone misty, andy, thad, and teylor will be staying at our house for their vacation. we won't be here though. so that sucks. but oh well, i'm sure they'll have a good time anyway. :)

sleep time.